show-quality-body-and-paintPenske Vehicle Services executes OEM vehicles for product reveals, press events, advertising photoshoots, product placement, and marketing events. 

We have a wide range of experience in executing to client expectations up to Class A requirements.

  • Gap and Fit
  • Spline Sand
  • Class A show paint finish application
  • Class A show car paint final wet sand and rub finish

Our technical capabilities can mirror the needs of client requirements based on the level of execution required for client events.

production-paint-capabilities420Penske Vehicle Services' high-bake (production) paint system is the most comprehensive and capable system within a 500 mile radius of Detroit.

High-Bake (Production) Paint System Details

  • High-bake (production paint), capable of 500°
  • Matches the factory paint structure, color and texture exactly
  • Reduced drying times for higher volume and faster throughput
  • In-house color lab and testing
  • Unique capability of multiple or varied programs on a single shift

Our system is high-bake, capable of 500°F, and exactly matches the factory paint structure, color and texture while providing reduced drying times, higher volume, and faster throughput.

Utilizing this state-of-the-art system, and its in-house color lab and testing, Penske Vehicle Services is able to consistently deliver an ultra-high quality and durable finish with exact repeatability.

Like the building, Penske Vehicle Services’ high-bake paint system is large and flexible, providing the unique capability of managing multiple or varied programs on a single shift.